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Nowadays, most people prefer to wear contacts instead of glasses. If you are interested in contact lenses, please let your eye doctor know prior to your appointment. During your exam, we will discuss the various contact lenses available and determine the best option based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

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Contact Lens Options

Soft Contact Lenses:

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Prescriptions available for most patients
  • Daily, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly replacements
  • Quarterly and yearly tend to be customized
  • Recommended for variety of patients, including young or active patients.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RPGs):

  • Due to optics – tend to provide sharper vision than soft CLs.
  • More durable and easier to care for than soft CLs.
  • Adaptation can take longer so persistence is key!
  • Annual replacement

Multifocal Contact Lenses:

  • Available in both soft and rigid gas permeable options
  • Adaptation is expected

Colored Contact Lenses:

  • Available in soft contact lenses
  • Variety of colors
  • Available in prescription or non-prescription

Specialty Contact Lenses:

  • Designed for difficult or irregular ocular surfaces such as those suffering from corneal degenerations or for post refractive surgery patients.